Privacy Policy

What personal data do we store and how do we use it?

When you purchase a license to use it, share your personal and company details with us to process the contract (we use Docusign to sign contracts), invoices and payments (we use Wefact, see their

However, you have to understand that after the purchase we have to store your personal data for up to 5 years due to the requirements of the Dutch tax service.

Also, you can write us support tickets in the Support Center (using Teamwork Projects and Chat, Privacy Policy) or email them to [email protected].

We will keep the history of the conversation as normal personal data and business data.

If you ask us to change information on your invoices, we may store your name, email address, tax ID and address in our database.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to identify you on our website.

Third Party Services

We use several services that have JavaScript embedded in our website and that collect some information about you: Google Analytics and Pipedrive.

When you visit our website and request more information about our products, you provide us with contact information that is stored in Pipedrive.

We use Mailchimp to send you marketing emails.

Who may we share your personal information with without your consent?

We can only provide your personal information to the police and only upon a written request from a court.


Your personal information is securely stored in our database.